OPEN Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Late Pickup (after 6:30)  $1 per minute

HOLIDAYS: (Together Time closed)
Memorial Day - Labor Day - Independence Day - Thanksgiving Holiday - December 25 - January 1st New Years Day

Welcome To Our School

Our main goal es for your child to want to come to school. We provide a hands-on approach to learning through developmentally appropriate practices. We have fun, but at the same time; we learn as well. If you look back on your own childhood, you will probably remember those special times in which you learned a new skill such as baking cookies with your grandmother or fishing with your father. You probably remember still to this day, how to bake those cookies or what kind of fish you caught. You never realized the skills you learned; following directions, measuring, mixing, hot/cold, safety, number, colors, weather conditions, just to name a few. This is the philosophy of our program, we hope you wil share with us the belief that young children learn, especially when they are safe, happy, loved and believed in!

What To Expect From Us

Lots of hugs, lots of noise, lots of activity, lots of fun. Consider us your loving (but a little wacky) extended family.

Remember that there are a lot of litle people learning and playing together. Boo-boors are Bound to happen. An occasional bite or scratch can also occur. We encourage our children to use their “words” to express themselves, however, sometimes it is just easier for them to physically get their message across (especially if they'r two)!  It can be very upsetting if your child gets bitten. We understand and will do our best to prevent it from happening. Just remember we dont't read the minds of our children (at least not all the time) so a quick little friend may reach over and take a bite just to see what happens. It does not mean your child was left unsupervised.

There is a greater chance  of your child catching a bug. It is bound to happen especially in the fall and winter months. It will help us all if you keep your child home if he/she appears to be sick; running a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, has a rash. We will call you to communicate any concerns about your child's health should he/she appear not to be up to par.

We are impulsive! if the children are interested in something we will follow their lead. Don't be surprised if we suddenly have story time outside, paint our faces like lions, make green milk (with food coloring - don't worry) or some other wonderful activity.
Our staff is here for the children. You truly must love working with kids to belong to the childcare profession. Please understand that our teachers do get sick and may occasionally need to miss work. We have a list of substitute teachers that we can call on and they will do their very best to follow the routine. However, It won't be the same as your  child's  regular teacher so be prepared for some confusion (wrong lunchbox sent home, lost blanket things like that).

WE ARE MESSY!!! We paint, we dig, we roll in the grass. Send your child in play clothes that are o.k. to mess up. We promise, the day your child wears that new white shirt is the day he/she will discover the color purple (it never fails). It causes a great deal of stress on the staff and the child ir we are worried about staying clean. Expecting our children to come home a little dirty is all part of the fun of being a kid and the best part is, they're washable!


15306 CASEY RD TAMPA Fl 33624
(813) 962 - 1733
Cel: 833 7549
Fax: (813) 9088928
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